In-Floor Radiant Heating System Installation

In-Floor Radiant Heating System Installation

Warm your home with a dust and allergy-free in-floor radiant heating system

Fowler Plumbing in Windsor, Ontario offers in floor heating system installations

In-floor radiant heating systems can be installed underneath the floor or behind the walls of the house or office. These systems are available in two types: electric system and hydronic system. When deciding which system is right for you, we recommend the hydronic system.

This system is more effective since it warms up the space and not just the floor or wall. With hydronic systems, the heated fluid is passed through the pipes that are hidden underneath the floor or wall. You can feel the warmth as soon as you step foot in a place that is being heated by the hydronic system.

Warm your home with a highly-efficient, dust and allergy-free in-floor radiant heating system. Fowler Plumbing's skilled plumbers specialize in a hassle-free and reliable in-floor radiant heating system installation service.

If you're building a new home or renovating an existing one and you're in the Windsor, Ontario area, talk to expert plumbers at Fowler Plumbing about the possibility of installing a radiant heating system.

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